What Eicore is doing to support employees during COVID-19 ?

We recognise that the spread of coronavirus is unsettling for many of our employees, customers and partners around the world.

In these difficult times, strong leadership teams are playing their part to help their employees, without having previous experience in pandemic response. They are relying on their head, hearts, and information available from governments to make the right decisions.

The welfare of our employees, customers and partners remains paramount, and our thoughts continue to be with everyone in all affected regions

Responding to COVID-19

We have stopped all non-essential travel and asked all our employees to follow hygiene and government recommendations, to practice social distancing and self-isolate if feeling unwell and where possible, we encourage our staff to work virtually to stay connected to customers and colleagues.

The wellbeing of everyone at Eicore is our collective responsibility, and each of us has an important role to play in protecting ourselves, our families and each other.

Working from Home
Eicore sent all employees to work from home well before most tech organizations had put those orders in place. Leaders have been working closely with each of their individual teams to accommodate flex scheduling.

Promoting mental and physical well-being
Promoting mental health has been at the forefront of conversations for executives who are doing their best to take care of their people.

Mindfulness meditations
At Eicore, several in-house meditations (Yoga Sessions)were run virtually andwe believe to continue such programs in future as well.

Encouraging connectivity between employees
Many leadership teams have stepped up their game in terms of connectivity by increasing the frequency to communicate with employees.

We continue to support and ask that all our Eicore employees keep taking care of themselves during this period. We ask them to take things day-by-day, focus on what they can control, and remain positive as we continue to support everyone and each other through this pandemic.