Eicore – End-to-End Claims Management
for Self-Funded Schemes

Although healthcare insurance is an essential investment to elevate employee satisfaction, the towering cost can weigh down businesses. Resultantly, employers across different industries are adopting the self-funded healthcare insurance model

The multifarious benefits of self-funded healthcare include –

Improved transparency among employees, employers, and healthcare providers.

Significant reduction in fixed cost by customizing healthcare plans

Employers get more control over the active management of risks

Protection against catastrophic claims with stop-loss insurance.

Self-Funded Schemes:

Corporate / Third-party administrators adjudicate claims and manage claims administration

Top challenges faced by Corporate/Third-party administrators when it comes to self-funded claims are –

Unlimited permutation and combination of products.

Timely disbursement of claims as outlined in the benefits contract.

Protection from fraudulent claims and abuse

Accurate transaction management.

Sound underwriting.

The Benefits offered by Eicore’s Claim Management Software for Insurance

Automate Pre-authorization for Improved Efficiency

Reduce human interventions dramatically to eliminate the risks posed by human error. The robust claims management solution serves as a platform for viewing transactions transparently and storing information in a structured manner. Thereby, leading to timely and improved claims disbursement.

Streamline Claims Management

With electronic billing, payment, and document submission, claim rejections and resubmissions are a thing of the past. Thus, boosting the efficiency of the claim cycle. The platform also enables a bird-eye view into the entire process with organized dashboards.

Efficient Product Configuration

Insurers have the ease of configuring products with dynamic terms and conditions with just a few clicks on the keypad. Define risk appetite accurately with the aid of sophisticated technology. And, make policy generation efficient and easy with pre-underwritten products

All-time Access

Empower agents and brokers with advanced technology to issue self-funded schemes 24*7. This enables the task force to attend to customer needs immediately. Thereby, shooting up customer satisfaction.

Customer Support

Extend support to customers 24*7 with our state-of-the-art technology; while saving on operational costs and shielding your business from incompetent representatives.

Eicore offers comprehensive software services and products for brokers, insurers, HMOs, insurance TPAs, self-funded schemes and retail users. Eicore’s health insurance claims management software is an end-to-end and client-focused software providing solutions for claims handling, delivering significant benefits to insurance organizations with its wide-ranging functionalities. The claims management software integrates seamlessly with the existing policy administration system and external entities, thus digitalizing the claim process and saving resources, operational cost, and time, increasing efficiency, and preventing fraud.