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EiCORE provides an extensive range of consulting service that employ innovative business models that ensure sustainable growth and development. At eiCORE, we believe in providing quick and cost effective solutions with intent to maximize business and improve organisational skills.

Process consulting

Our team experts conduct extensive research and analysis to improve efficiency and resolve conflicts.

Porcess Consulting
Group Life Insurance Business Management System

Customer experience management

It provides ultimate solution to customer related queries and problems. Our complete CRM solution includes advanced and mature methodologies adapted to design reliable, secure and easy to maintain business application.

SOA consulting offerings

Our unique architectural design aligns IT with business processes for rapid development and enhancement of business.

SOA Consulting
Digital Transformation In Insurance Industry

Agile software development

Our in depth knowledge in the field provides efficient software development based methodologies meeting the needs of customers.

With our services, we help our customers to go live on our solution platform with minimized risk & lower cost of takeover. A blend of flexibility and consistency in our proven approach enables us to achieve strategic objectives in the most efficient & effective way possible.

Hosting & Cloud Services

Our combined IT infrastructure supports insurers by providing seamless implementation, support & operational services. We simplify IT by engaging with customers digitally & enabling smart decision-making. Our hosting & Cloud services deliver cost savings, data security, risk management & improve business performance. With our hosting , you'll have a peace of mind knowing your business is running at its best & our cloud services are the optimal way to combine software & digital ecosystem in a scalable model.

General Insurance Software

Product Support

Our team of highly experienced support staff are available 24*7 to ensure your system runs, responds and grows with your business. We have a range of support options to provide a dedicated channel with a versatile support team to resolve any issues.

Digital Insurance Platform

24 * 7 * 365 access to the Support Portal

Group Insurance Management System

Certified services, benchmarked for scalability

Different support options to choose from that ensure your team has access to the support they need when they need it