A holistic suite that helps payers, organisations and individuals to strategically fulfil their health and wellness goals.

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Health And Welness System Or Management
Property And Casualty Insurance Software

Understand and manage your population risk better.

Kyor is an integrated solution that empowers insurers to assist their customer in reaching better health outcomes.

Track Population Risk

Segment your population into low, medium or high risk levels using a multitude of screening modules and health data sources - data that helps you engage customers and lower claim ratios, organised and presented at your finger tips.

Engage, Improve and Reward

Kyor is a stepping stone to help your population build healthier habits. Based on this segmentation outcomes, use clinically-proven templates or recommend health plans (or create your own health plans) to maintain or reduce risk levels. Includes support for rewards and premium discounting strategies.

Integrated Care Provider Network & Health Assistant

Link your own provider network or benefit from kyor’s integrated preferred-provider-network. Functionality includes a AI-based health coach bots, doctor consultations over video, audio and text. Create all the touch-points to drive the type of customer engagement you desire.




Kyor is a ready-to-use SaaS based platform with an integrated provider network, clinical workflow-based health plan templates, with a proven track-record of seamless implementation and delivery. Kyor works on both mobile and web.

Easy Integration / API

A modularised system that acts as a catalyst to innovation. With easy API integration, derive the true potential of IoT, AI/cognitive learning, bots, augmented/virtual reality and much more to power your business.

Powerful alone. Better together.

Club kyor with the eicore stack of underwriting and claim solutions for a 360˚ health insurance strategy that gives you a long-term competitive advantage.

Health And Welness System Or Management

A solution that is customisable for different applications.


We provide the education and training needed to keep productivity high & onsite training customized to use ours specialized products.


We provide the education and training needed to keep productivity high & onsite training customized to use ours specialized products.

Health Insurance Claims Management Software

The only wellness platform you’ll need for your employees.

Care for your employees anytime, anywhere. Improve engagement and track population health to low healthcare costs.

Health Benefits are easier with Kyor

Kyor helps organisations assess employee health risks, drive better engagement with personalised care programs, track the ROI of wellness budgets and pave the way for better health benefits strategy.

Insurance Transformation

Better Employee Wellness

With a focus on building healthier habits, our integrated approach helps promote a better lifestyle overall.

Insurance Software

Lowered Insurance Costs

Track population health related analytics in real-time and keep insurance premiums low.

Insurance Software Solutions

Macro & Micro Employee Engagement

Set health challenges and goals that are organisation-wide and also ones that are employee-specific.

Real-time analytics

Run predictive analytics by using data collected from multiple sources such HRAs, fitness trackers, diagnostic reports and claim data.

Health check-up tools

Conduct health check-ups on-site or at a nearby diagnostic lab, access digital reports and make better decisions.


We’re with you every step of the way as you transform your business.