The medi-claim experience has been overhauled.

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Claims Management System

Medi-X is an information exchange that significantly reduces claim processing time.

The medi-claim process today relies heavily on fax, emails, paperwork and manual effort for both payers and providers. Medi-X is a smart automation layer between the payer and provider that helps create several competitive advantages and unparalleled customer experience - Live tracking of claim status is now a real possibility.

Claims Management Systems For Insurance


The Medi-X Provider Suite helps hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres to automate tasks related to claim processing. Medi-X streamlines this experience empowers providers to significantly lower operating costs and improved customer experience.

Claims Management Software

Unprecedented Speed of Admission and Discharge

100% paperless journey that significantly reduces manual effort and leads to reduction in TAT per claim

Claim Management System Insurance

Reduction in Operating Cost

Higher efficiency and fewer people required at hospital TPA desk. Medi-X is a catalyst for “Digital TPA”.

Claims Management Solutions

Healthier Finances

Quicker financial reconciliation that leads to higher revenue realisation per month

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The Medi-X Payer Suite allows insurers and TPAs to automate claims adjudication and offer a significantly improved customer experience.

Claims Management Software

Increased Transparency & Efficiency Overall

Quicker decision making and significant reduction in frequency of errors in claim processing

Claim Management System Insurance

Improved Claim Provisioning

Over time, a large provider network can lead to healthier solvency margins due to reduced outstanding liabilities over time

Claims Management Solutions

Improved Data Standardisation

Better decision making in the long run

Claims Management Solutions

Reduced Risk of Fraud

Data traverses authenticated endpoints thereby reducing risk of fraud and enhancing security

Platform for insurers to combat everyday challenges that come across in managing health insurance. It covers all the major business requirements of



The automated work flow system helps to improve the efficiency around the claim management process.

Fraud detection

The electronization of data provides complete security of data that discourages fraud cases.

Easy data transfer and paperless

Manual to electronic conversion has made the data transfer process paperless and easy.

Customer satisfaction

Reduction of time delay, paperless work and easy documentation promotes customer satisfaction.

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