An End to End Property and Casualty Insurance System Stay ahead in the Competition Curve

P&C Software

Modern technology is spearheading the digitization in the realm of property and casualty insurance. Insurers are rapidly acquiring digital agility across the value chain to adapt to the evolving needs of the customer, innovate their operations to access new markets, empower intermediaries, and more.

Eicore’s Property and Casualty Insurance Software OneBuzz boasts of a flexible, scalable, and customizable API driven architecture that aids in Policy Administration, Claims Management, and Underwriting.

A Feature-packed one-stop-shop for Insurers

Improved Risk Selection

Employ advanced technology like predictive analytics and machine learning to improve underwriting profitability by selecting impressive risk profiles within broad segments, quoting better pricing, and improving loss ratio.

Empower Agents and Intermediaries

Our virtual, feature-rich, and user-friendly interface guides agents and intermediaries in the sales lifecycle. A digital solution like Eicore OneBuzz is also instrumental in making agent onboarding a smooth sail.

Frame Underwriting Rules

Structure underwriting guidelines efficiently and analyze their success rate by leveraging predictive analytics. The software aids in evaluating and governing the development and maintenance of set guidelines to improve the business outcome of P & C insurance companies.

Omni-channel Delivery

Improve agent and intermediary performance by sharing valuable information across various channels of communication to maximize the value of customer transactions. With 24*7 access into the portal, agents can be at their responsive best at all times.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Bring dramatic improvements to customer service by simplifying the process through sophisticated and intuitive customer portals.

Make Payments Convenient

You can easily integrate with third party payment gateways which makes the payment process quick, versatile, and safe.

Eicore offers comprehensive software services and products for brokers, insurers, HMOs, insurance TPAs, self-funded schemes and retail users. Eicore’s health insurance claims management software is an end-to-end and client-focused software providing solutions for claims handling, delivering significant benefits to insurance organizations with its wide-ranging functionalities. The claims management software integrates seamlessly with the existing policy administration system and external entities, thus digitalizing the claim process and saving resources, operational cost, and time, increasing efficiency, and preventing fraud.