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Insurance Consultancy

Providing Consultancy Service to Insurers at Every Stage

Our core focus is on providing advisory services that aid in both the inception of new insurance ventures and the enhancement of current operations. We offer innovative technological solutions aimed at refining processes across the board, ranging from fundamental infrastructure to interfaces designed for customer interaction. For insurance companies grappling with outdated systems, our proficiency in business process reengineering paves the way for increased efficiency and sustained growth. Our client base comprises prominent insurance companies, third-party administrators, and underwriting agencies, all of whom have benefited from our advanced expertise and comprehensive services. With eicore’s seasoned seasoned team, your business strategy is in safe hands.

From Vision to Reality: Launch Your Insurance Business Efficiently

Transform your insurance aspirations into a successful venture with our guidance at every stage. From the initial concept to establishing compliant and effective operations, we're with you. Our expertise enables you to maneuver through regulatory intricacies, create efficient workflows, and ensure a smooth start-up. Collaborate with us to establish a resilient insurance enterprise, designed for enduring growth and significant market presence. With our firsthand experience in constructing and managing one of India's largest Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) for over ten years, we bring a wealth of practical knowledge. This rich experience is integrated into our advisory services, empowering you to launch with assurance and excel in the industry with informed expertise.

Unleashing Efficiency: From Optimization to Unstoppable Business Growth

Our specialists excel in uncovering latent efficiencies, predicting or removing operational obstacles, and revealing opportunities for cost reduction. Our approach involves equipping your team with data-driven insights and state-of-the-art tools, ensuring a transformation that goes beyond mere optimization to a complete overhaul of your business experience. This is more than a superficial fix; it's a strategic evolution.
Join forces with us on this transformative journey. Together, we'll unlock your company's potential, setting your operation on a path to sustained growth and long-term success.


We’re with you every step of the way as you transform your business.