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Applying Workflows in Insurance Business Management

By: Eicore Technologies | Tuesday, 07 September 2021

Insurance business management can become difficult if it lacks proper workflow. However, insurance companies that scale their workflow appropriately can process plenty of operations and claim-related tasks effectively. It helps offer an excellent experience to the customers and ultimately improves your business's bottom line.

However, it can be tricky enough to implement workflow if you do not follow the correct process. So, here is how you can apply workflows in your insurance company for effective business management.

AnchorStreamline insurance underwriting with AI

Underwriting of policies falls under one of those activities that you need to perform repetitively. Whether it is the quotation or renewal of policies, human intervention can make these tasks highly time-consuming and frustrating. Thus, to improve the overall management of underwriting processes, the inclusion of AI is beneficial.

Automation through AI-assisted rules can escalate the speed of the entire process. In addition, these rules also offer you better guidance in your decision-making, which, in turn, can fortify your underwriting workflow. Hence, integrating AI into your insurance business workflow system is a need of the hour.

AnchorAutomation will improve customer onboarding

Customer onboarding plays an integral role in improving the entire workflow related to customer satisfaction. However, customer onboarding can be a hefty task if your business is working with manual follow-ups and human-managed data re-entry processes. And this can make your business management system prone to high risks of errors.

Thus, adopting a digitised and centralised mode of communication via an automation platform is highly effective to improve your customer onboarding process. By using the automated platform, you can create a streamlined customer journey.

You can easily check on any delays, omissions, or mistakes and get them automatically sorted with the new customers by using quick, bot-driven email follow-ups. It will also tend to reduce human involvement. Thus, human resources can now be used more effectively to perform other critical analytical tasks and nourish the existing faithful customers' relationship with your company.

AnchorIncorporation of CRM to enhance end-customer experience

The new age of insurance business management is all about offering a highly scalable user experience. And for doing so, you need to make your services more valuable by taking care of their changing needs. But traditional methods lack potential data insights related to the awareness of customers' needs and requirements.

So, you can enhance your customer experience with the implementation of smarter solutions. Leveraging your CRM software through AI-integrated chatbots can offer you seamless access to render better-personalised experiences to your end customers. Using chatbots can help you interact with every policyholder and customise your services as per their requirements.

Thus, an AI-based CRM tool saves enough time and energy for your employees, allowing them to concentrate on deeper concerns. Also, as per reports, most insurance companies in India spend at least 12% of their IT budget on opting for CRM services.

AnchorImprove the workflow with democratised automation

You can opt for democratised automation with the help of an intelligent low code BPM. It will render your business abilities like digitising your daily insurance operations, better visibility of all transactions, and analysing customer trends to design your policy better. Thus, it impressively removes intensive paperwork and automates task management.

The platform facilitates easy and simple deployment of automation technology, enabling even your non-technical staff to access and use it hassle-freely. Besides, democratised automation can also help organise and coordinate your departments with central data collection and communication hubs. Hence, it ultimately aims to improve the entire workflow of your insurance business management in a seamless and scalable manner.


Leveraging the entire workflow system through the integration of digitised processes can be beneficial for your insurance company. It not only offers your business the ultimate necessary speed but also helps you manage all insurance-related tasks swiftly, increasing the efficiency of your services and augmenting the user experience.

Written by Eicore Technologies

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