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How is AI Driving Positive Changes to the Insurance Industry?

By: Eicore Technologies | Thursday, 26 August 2021

Today's digitized world is highly impacted by artificial intelligence. From the insurance sector to other industries, AI is doing wonders in leveraging the path of expansion. And the insurance industry is not out of this league. With time, digitalization and transformation are taking place in a major way.

Thus, the different areas of the insurance industry, such as P&C insurance, health insurance, and others, are seeing rapid growth in its expansion with the help of artificial intelligence. Whether it is improving the way to deal with customers' demands or managing their policies and claims, AI is helping the insurance industry in all aspects.

The adoption of AI has also become much more prominent after the pandemic situation. At least 82% of finance companies in India have adopted AI in their system. Hence, it is evident that the insurance sector in India is working hard on improving its system with effective tech-based solutions. So, here are the advantages that an AI-driven system offers to the insurance industry.

AnchorOffers data-driven personalization

One of the primary benefits of AI that is creating significant changes in the insurance industry is the provision for data-driven personalization. For newly started businesses, AI is highly effective as it helps to deliver a personalized experience to the consumers. Thus, it reduces human interaction, which makes the system more time-efficient.

Insurers use AI algorithms and customer-generated data to offer the best-fit policies to potential consumers complying with their unique requirements. Artificial intelligence-operated systems can even suggest coverage levels based on previous customer interactions or their buying behaviour. Besides, with the AI system's ability to identify optimal policy products, an agent no more needs to worry about it. Thus, the implementation of AI in insurance industries not only benefits consumers but also eases out manual labour, leveraging the overall growth of the business.

AnchorStandardizes and scales underwriting and risk assessment

The process of underwriting is highly dependent on data management and data analysis, which is a very time-taking process. But with the implementation of AI in the insurance sector, underwriting is being carried out smoothly. With predictive intelligence, AI systems can easily generate accurate pricing results and estimate the associated risks to deliver better suggestions for policy suitability.

These AI-generated automated reports help underwriters analyze the risks better and facilitate quick decision-making. Thus, using AI improves risk selection and scale risk assessment processes to enhance the end-customer experience. It is to be noted here that AI eases many other underwriting processes, but estimating precise pricing results is the most important one.

AnchorMakes use of data to improve customer experience

Data is the key to add value to any service. And based on the collected data, AI can be highly beneficial for insurers to prevent lapses with their current consumers. For doing so, AI keeps gathering data about the customers from various sources. It tends to process bulk data collected by the insurers as well as the data outside of their existing system.

AI-based systems strive to accumulate data from customers' purchase history, social media handles, demographics, environmental factors, and many other sources. Then, using this data, AI algorithms tend to analyze which customers currently need the insurer's attention and set re-engagement campaigns for that particular consumer to establish communication with them. And all these processes ultimately help in boosting customer experience.

AnchorAdds value to marketing

AI can also help in improving the marketing strategies of the insurance sector. To cope up with the competitive environment, insurers need to develop newer products from time to time. But the efforts would be of no use if they fail to market them appropriately.

Thus, AI can be used to deliver important marketing data, which insurers can utilize to develop profiles for their customer groups and build effective marketing strategies directing them. Moreover, AI systems also help monitor leads through the entire sales funnel to leverage insurance companies' marketing efforts in targeting a large number of potential customers.


The implementation and usage of modern technologies in the insurance sector are highly beneficial for moving forward with the growing trend. AI is one such progressive technology that effectively delivers ultimate digital solutions to empower the Indian insurance industry and help customers trust insurers.

Written by Eicore Technologies

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