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How are Digital Insurance Solutions Transforming the Insurance Industry?

By: Eicore Technologies | Friday, 14 May 2021

Digital transformation is ruling the insurance industry with its powerful agility and innovative outlook. It is offering the industry more speed and scalability to provide a proper level of customer service. But why is it so crucial? In recent years, many citizens cancelled contracts with different insurance companies due to poor customer experience.

Hence, it is estimated that at least 25% of the insurance industry will be automated in 2025 with AI and machine learning techniques. This modern age's digital insurance solutions transform the insurance industry massively, making this sector much effcient and progressive.

Thus, in this blog, we have highlighted how opting for digital transformation brings about this immense change in the insurance industry. So, without much ado, let's dive into our topic of discussion.

How is the digital transformation making its entry into the world of Insurance?

With the increasing demand of consumers and the competitive landscape's growth, the insurance industry is looking forward to adapting digitalization in their systems. With the implementation of top-notch digital technologies, insurance companies anticipate improving their customer experience and enhance their management effciency.

So, here is how digital insurance solutions are transforming this industry.

  •  Omnichannel

Omnichannel is one of the newest inclusions in the digital world, which plays a signifcant role in designing the self-service portal. Both customers and insurers can easily access this online portal to and more information about the policies. It lets you and answers for your queries and conduct business in a much scalable way for managing orders, making transactions, clearing payment of bills, etc.

Whether it is checking the status or submitting more support tickets and downloading resources, this newer solution in the digitized insurance world enhances customer experience to a great extent.

  •  Claiming fraud detection

Insurers are now ending new ways to develop innovative insurance policy management solutions with predictive analytics tools.

They use text analytics for the detection of fraudulent claims, which are based on various business rules. Adapting to such solutions makes the entire industry lucrative.

  •  Risk prediction solution

Another very intuitive insurance solution is risk protection, which works as a valuable solution for the health insurance industry. Insurers can now collect adequate data regarding individuals' historical health records.
It helps assess one's point of risk based on biometric data, lab testing, and claims data. It gives the life insurance industry another wind to fly as now they can ask for an acceptable price as per the risk score.

How is this digital transformation benefting the insurance industry?

The adaptation of digitized solutions in the industry not only makes the management of policies easy with top-notch insurance management software but also comes up with a lot of benefits in transforming the insurance industry. There are plenty of examples of how the digital transformation is making much change in society.

A variety of insurance operations are getting streamlined with customer interactions. Through chats, it is easy to make the claiming process get done automatically. Also, brokers can easily aggregate all the information to work faster in a more accurate way. Here are a few benefits it has rendered to the industry.

Render a more personalized experience to your customers

Customers today can get a more customized experience of the insurance policy availing and claim process. Through digital solutions, you can offer your customers the insurance policy that best suits them, unlike the traditional way of policy-making.

Customers can now easily pay bills, view their policies, and claim files using applications. Also, brokers can receive and process all the essential information regarding the insurance policies.
Improve effcient policy-making procedure

Being powered by AI and other advanced technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics, the speed of policy-making is getting well-optimized.

Through digital transformation with live chats and digital assistants, it is also helping the insurers improve the customer support process effectively.


The insurance industry has become much more agile now. With a variety of digital solutions facilitated by machine learning, data analytics, blockchain data, and predictive analytics, it has become much more "future-proof," which, in turn, invites more customers to believe in the insurance industry.

Hence, opting for digital solutions will positively impact the insurance industry and render it more streamlined prosperity.

Written by Eicore Technologies

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