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Digital Trends in the Insurance Industry in 2021

By: Eicore Technologies | Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Digitized trends in all sectors are an integral part of innovation and progress. The insurance sector is no exception. Getting insurance quotes is all about just one click for both the insured and carriers, making the entire process a very lucrative one to encourage more people to indulge in the industry.? 

The upcoming new trends and technologies in the insurance sector are going to introduce more innovation in 2021. Digital insurance offerings are now coming with an omnichannel approach for customer help, bringing about a change and innovation in the entire insurance industry.? 

With the changing demand, the insurance sector is also embracing various new trends that drive more progress and add pace to growth. So, do you want to know what the latest trends in the insurance sector are? Well, then check out this article.? 

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence is prevalent in most sectors. The implementation of artificial intelligence is expanding rapidly. The AI-enabled devices are becoming a part of the insurance industry, which is very progressive.? 

According to a survey report of 2017, more than 35.6 million people in the USA have voice-activated AI assistants, and the expected expansion for 2020 was $47 billion. Thus, it is evident that it will influence the growth of AI-driven insurance administration systems software to manage a large number of insurance policies of several insureds. 

As insurers are looking to facilitate a more personalized service experience to their customers while purchasing an insurance policy, AI helps them have a unique experience. Implementing AI in managing and organizing a massive amount of customer data to process their insurance policies has eased the entire process, rendering a user-friendly experience. 

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is already a prevalent trend in the insurance business, which will continue throughout 2021. Many insurers use predictive analytics to collect pieces of valuable data to predict the behaviour of a customer.? 

To improve its accuracy, more focused and user-centric data will be helpful for progress in the insurance sector. Insurance companies can apply predictive analytics to determine the pricing and risk selection, identify the risks regarding frauds, anticipate more trends, and identify outlier claims, which can upgrade this industry's whole scenario.? 

The adoption of predictive analytics modelling tactics has proved to increase revenues and accuracy for many P&C insurers, which can rule the 2021 trends. Moreover, the inclusion of Predictive analytics in life insurance administration solutions can be very progressive,? 

Internet of Things (IoT)?

As most consumers share a lot of personal information to save money on their insurance policies, the technology of the Internet of Things can help by automating the process of data sharing. Insurers can easily use the data using IoT devices to incorporate accuracy in determining rates, mitigating risk, and rapidly preventing losses.? 

Also, P&C insurers are looking forward to adopting IoT capabilities, which is evident from the forecast that the global IoT insurance market value will be $42.76 billion by 2022. IoT will incorporate other insurance technologies with more accessible data to improve the accuracy of risk assessments, positively impacting the sector.? 


Most large to small business sectors, companies, industries, and various other services have switched to using chatbots to make their services more valuable and reliable for their customers. According to an estimation, 95% of all customer interactions will be powered through chatbots by 2025. Hence, this technology will be an integral part of the insurance administration systems to make the consumers have a more seamless experience.? 

Through the utilization of AI and machine learning, automated Chatbots can interact with more customers, saving time as well as the cost for the insurance companies. A bot can give a customer complete information about policy application or claiming process, which reserves human interaction for more complex cases. 


The insurance sectors are ever-growing and more inclined towards bringing in a better experience for the customers. The latest developments and digital innovations will improve insurance technology in a much progressive way in 2021.? 

It will not only help the insurance companies stay ahead of their competitors but also make the entire insurance industry more inclined to deliver innovative experiences.

Written by Eicore Technologies

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